Childhood, curiosity, Manhood, Parenting, Philosophy

Be kind always, even in the face of fear, even if you feel repulsed. Prepare to be amazed and you will be. Be interested in your surroundings. When you are interested you can care. When you care you can find meaning. When you find meaning you can act. When you act, you actualise your purpose. When you actualise your purpose, you find secret tunnels to happiness.

Do the thing you think you cannot. Try the things you haven’t tried. Step beyond your comfort zone. Fear bows to experience. Experience creates confidence. Confidence gives you the power to follow through on your ideas. Bringing your ideas to fruition can help people. Helping people makes you humble. Humility makes you radiate love.

This will make me proud.

This will make you happy.

This is all I want.

These things I hope to teach you my sweet boys. Incrementally. In moments as otherwise meaningless, as holding a snake.


Adventure, curiosity, Philosophy

Exploration transforms the soul. The water and the wilds are where I go to be spoken to. That’s where I’m told what to do. That’s where I listen. It’s where all my questions go to be resolved and is the birthplace of all the new ones that provoke me to grow beyond myself. Answers are merely the result of questions. Questions define everything.




While virtually all life is decimated by the ravage of Australian bushfires, the Banksia has adapted to thrive. Triggered by fire, the banksia releases its seeds, surviving often when the maternal plant is killed. This phenomenon is known as Serotiny, and rather mirrors a favourite quote of mine ~ ‘some women are lost in the fire, other women are built from it‘. Broadly, there is an opportunity for growth embedded in every circumstance, no matter how well disguised it seems. Magic like this is absolutely everywhere. All flowing, all connected.

Standing in the bush after a fire is like a private show with the black cockatoo orchestra. Flying high the black funnel ballet calls and sings excitedly as they feast on the gold of the newly released seeds. Everything is ordinary and extraordinary simultaneously. Ordinary, until transformed by the mind that sees its extraordinariness. We don’t need to go to the ends of the earth to discover such marvels, we just have to see what’s around us in a different way. Because in a world as beautiful as this, boredom is just plain laziness.