Parenting, Womanhood

In a world that daily diffuses our concept of value and holds our focus hostage if we’re not vigilant, I’m passionate about the truth of the wild and the remedial effects it has on our souls and the respite it offers our overloaded minds. Surviving in nature cannot be faked. We cannot live off the identities we create for ourselves. We’re not at the top of any man-made, civilised food chain rolling around in a safety net of certainty and comfort. We’re part of an intricately designed eco-circle, an ancient land, holy waters, rich with power, history and culture, frontiers of potential and unknowns. I love that. We all ache for truth on some level, and many of us lose ourselves searching for it in the wrong places. It’s hard not to fall in love with our planet when we’re immersed in its splendours, and if we want it to last for generations, it’s going to take A LOT of love.

I want to pique the interest of my teenage friends, our precious youth, some of whom are doing it pretty tough, not so they look at me, but so they might pause their troubles and dream about their own “river”. I want to lead by example for my sons. I want to offer a perspective for women, particularly for mothers. Having children is challenging, but dreams don’t die when a mother is born, they’re only just beginning- because we understand having a reason to fight and no time to waste. One thing I firmly believe is that we can’t possibly teach if we stop learning. And one of my greatest teachers of all continues to be my Mother : Nature.



When women are in conflict is it because forces are keeping them from being who they are. Nature is completely free of the constructs and conditioning that try to dictate who we should be. Nature is a woman. Earth is a mother. When we crave wildness it is not that we need or seek something new, it is that we crave to return. To return to who we are. In the same way, we discuss the strength of women today in equality discourse as something new, almost as novelty. When the truth is we have always been strong. Even the word ’empowerment’ presupposes a provision or a permission of power, which is a nullity because it simply is. Leadership is not linear. It is spherical, holographic, nuanced, visible, and invisible. The power has always been there. The process for women today is refining the individual method and modality. The weapons of choice. Nothing can stand in the way of a determined woman. Even history in all its warped inversion cannot deny us this. We choose our stories.