A gift book brimming with stunning poetry, inspiring quotes, prose, and letters as inspiring and undulating as the rapids she rode from the mountains to the sea. OF THE OCEAN speaks to the soul, inspires the mind, and awakens the heart on a magical journey from the source, to wherever you want to go.

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In May 2017 Hayley Talbot was the first person to solo navigate over 400km of one of Australia’s most powerful waterways, the Clarence River. From it’s source at Rivertree high in the Great Diving Range to it’s mouth, where it empties into the sea at Yamba in NSW, she journeyed through dense scrub and dangerous waters surviving off the river and land and the kindness of the river folk she met along the way.

Her first book OF THE OCEAN, brims with poetry, quotes, prose and letters as inspiring and undulating as the rapids she rode back to the sea. Designed as a gift book, these pages are filled with the words Hayley was writing that ultimately lead to the tipping point of action. The words that inspired the unshakeable faith that even though she had never kayaked a stroke before the idea was born, if she disciplined herself and applied herself to attaining the necessary knowledge and skill, she would surely find her way home.

It is her hope that these words similarly speak to that place within you; that softly spoken place of dreams. To challenge those voices that tell us we cannot, and empower those inner voices to ask “What’s my river?” and to plot a course accordingly.

The perfect gift for those cross roads moments in life, OF THE OCEAN comes complimentarily gift wrapped.

2 thoughts on “OF THE OCEAN – BOOK

  1. Cant wait to read your book. You’re writing has always mexmerized my mind and touched that special place inside my heart that comes from knowing you and where you are from. Hope I’m not too late for that special
    Note ❤️ This will he a gift for my Husband Bobby on his birthday. A true waterman he will gobble it up! It will sit front and center on our coffee table , I cant wait to share it with my friends. Dont ever stop what you are doing.
    Sending love and good vibes from California directly to you.

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